My time at Granville so far, has been phenomenal, the teachers are lovely and most of the people I've met are lovely, I've also made a lot of new friends! My lessons are fun and there are lots of new things to try in PE, there is a lot of equipment for PE and also an enormous field for dinner and break time. Me and my friends have settled in really fast. I am trying to be more organised, especially when it comes to homework, but the planner you are given helps a lot! I like Granville because there school has a big heart and everything is enjoyable. I know now that there wasn't really any need to be nervous at all. I'm looking forward to the rest of my time at Granville.

Rosie Brooks, Y7 


Granville is fairly small in comparison to other schools within the area, this means we have a closer family of students and teachers where everyone knows and respects each other, which is rare to find in a secondary school. Skills such as teamwork and responsibility are established and students are encouraged to push themselves to reach the best of their ability. What I think makes the school special is that each individual is cared for, and also everyone's potential can be achieved, schemes such as mentoring and intervention have been put in place to solve any issues at out school. Not only do these schemes help and provide guidance for fellow students but it also creates an opportunity for the younger students to get to know some of the older students and therefore makes our school environment more friendly and comfortable. 

Granville is a great stepping stone which provides you with all the elements needed for you to go on and achieve your aspirations. There are many varied extra-curricular activities available and many different responsibilities you can volunteer for, such as the school council and parliament, subject mentors and prefects. Our school feels very strongly about bullying, and although it rarely happens , it is dealt with immediately and effectively. Everyone's opinions are valued at our school which is another special attribute that makes our school unique. Granville is a fantastic place where everyone can achieve their full educational potential whilst also enjoying their school experience.

Natalie Campton, Y11 (Head Girl) 

About Us

The academy office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time.

01283 216765 


Principal: Jo Kingswood 

Chair of Governors: Kim Geering 

SENCO: Steph Smith