What is the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium?

The government allocates extra funding to schools to support each Year 7 pupil who were not secondary ready (Scaled scores of less than 100) in Mathematics and/or reading at the end of their Key Stage 2 assessments (taken in primary school). The funding is to enable schools to put in place additional support in these areas to help students close the achievement gap and catch-up’ in these areas.


How have we used the funding?


In 2015-16 we received £16, 000. In 2016- 17 we received £16000. The strategies we have used to support students have included:


·          Employment of a Literacy Co-ordinator

·          Employment of a Numeracy Co-ordinator

·          Paired reading introduced to Tutor time

·          Literacy and Numeracy Academic Mentors appointed

·          Small group Reading Intervention

·          Small group Spelling intervention

·          ICT support packages for Literacy – Lexia, Wordshark, Comprehension Booster,

·          Small group English lessons led by the SENCo

·          2 x Literacy focused Assemblies led by the Literacy Co-ordinator

·          Reading Mentor Scheme

·          Weekly Newspaper Club in Tutor time

·          Numeracy Intervention sessions twice weekly

·          Additional Transition time

·          Continued refurbishment of  the Academy library – computers introduced

·          Maths Ninja introduced to tutor time activities

·          ICT interventions,- Skoolboo, 123 Maths and Timetables Rockstars, Introduced

·          Weekly Maths challenges


How does the Academy assess the impact of this provision?


We assess the reading ages of all students who arrive at Granville Academy that are not secondary ready. They are then re-assessed to see if they have made progress.


In 2016-17, 37 Year 7 students came to Granville with a Key Stage 2 test score that indicated they were not secondary ready in English.

100% of the students worked with a specialist Academic Mentor in English and followed the Reading for Understanding Scheme.

Interventions put in place have made a positive impact to improve reading and writing as shown below:

51.7% of students Reading Age progressed by at least 6 months

54.7% of students Reading Age progressed by at least 12 months

22.5% of students Reading Age progressed by at least 18 months

42.0% of students Reading Age progressed by at least 24 months

13.3% of students Reading Age progressed by at least 3 years


2016-2017 Numeracy “catch up”




In 2016-17, 42 Year 7 students came to Granville with a Key Stage 2 test score that indicated they were not secondary ready in Mathematics.

  • Of these 18 are PP/Disadvantaged
  • Of these 16 have some form of SEND need or are being monitored/supported by the Academy
  • 4 students left/were educated off site
  • 38 students(90%) received some form of ICT intervention via 123maths, Time Table Rockstars or Skoolboo
  • The cohort had a baseline assessment testing skills expected at Y1-Y6
  • Throughout the year students were removed from intervention as and when they achieved 70%+ on the assessments.




Average (base line)

Average end














Males (18)




Females (20)




SAT score 90+ (more able of less able) (31)




SAT score 85+ <90 (middle of less able) (4)




No SAT score (3)





At the start only 7 students achieved 70%+, (16.7%) at the end of the year this was 10 students (23.8%).


How will we continue to use the funding in 2017-18?

In 2017-18, we received £16,000. We will continue to employ specialist Mathematics and English Academic Mentors to support students in lessons. We also plan to put in place and deliver targeted interventions to enable students to close the gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding. We will continue to implement our current reading interventions and introduce Fresh Start Literacy Program to Years 7 & 8.


The interventions planned for 2017/2018 include targeted resources such as 123 Maths (£379), Literacy Planet (£950) 3 X staff training on Read Write Inc. – Fresh Start. (£1,500) and new resources to support its delivery (£2,750).

Specialized exercise books with blue and green paper and Overlays (£158).


  Additional ‘catch-up’ classes will run outside of the Academy day with Academic Mentors and/or teachers. 


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